3 Ways to Coil Tie-Down Straps

Any other ideas?

whole-foods wine 6 pack bag with straps
wholefoods wine 6 pack bag with straps

Editor’s note. Skip coiling. Buy a 6 pack of wine from Whole Foods and use the wine bottle storer. Stuff and go, just like a thrown bag. Coiling is old school (slow).

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  1. That last method has the advantages of being very easy to learn and very fast. Either you or Andrew showed me the first method, but I finally learned it when I got some new straps from NRS and they came coiled that way. Occasionally being a bit compulsive, I worked out about how much tail I needed for each size and then used a Sharpie marker to draw a line where the strap should be folded. My coiled straps are neat, and there’s only a couple of inches of tail sticking out of the buckle.
    Of course the most important thing of all is to write your name and a phone number or email address on your straps. Then, when your straps get left in somebody else’s shuttle vehicle there’s a fair chance that they’ll find their way back home.

  2. Start your daisy chain with just a closed loop at the buckle end, that way you don’t have tie a knot at the other end and all you have to do to undo them is pull the tail out of the last chain and it all comes apart. I either do the daisy chain of the grab and dump. Full tight coiling seems a little bit obsessive to me.

    1. Jordan – I just let the buckle hang free, make the loop wrap 180 degrees around the part of the strap theat is hanging down, then pull the next loop through to start the daisy chain.

  3. Hey Bob break down and do it the good old fashion way with one 12 ft length of braided nylon rope, make a loop on one end which you never unknot and when you tie you kayak down to the rack you only have one knot to untie, Have never lost a boat and no need to put a name on it as you will be the only one using rope. Glenn

    1. Glenn – I did it like that till my little yellow nylon rope was frayed and hanging on by one twist. Got straps gratis with a NRS order and have never looked back. (I actually did have a lot of straps from my raft guiding days, but didn’t use them til I got the nifty new ones from NRS.)

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