overloaded shuttle vehicleSend any fees received or receipts that need reimbursement to the KCCNY Treasurer.

In the event of injuries or property damage, reach out to the contact our insurance company, K&K as soon as possible at (631) 269-9696 and KCCNY at 201-631-3021.

In case of a major loss or fatality, K&K’s 24-hour number is 260-459-5000.

Follow the instructions on the Incident-Accident Report.

An incident can happen anytime, whether you’re paddling class 4 spring flows or easier class 2¬† water in the summer. When reporting an event, you want to inform K&K Insurance as soon as possible after an incident occurs. Even if you are still at the takeout, make the call. Even if you were not involved in the event or responsible for property damage or bodily injury, it is essential to alert K&K. This way, the firm can immediately assign an adjuster to the case.
Save your statements for K&K, and do not speak about the accident. Save your take on what caused the event and any other conjectures for the insurance company.
Following an incident, the case worker assigned to the case will need all the information they can get to ensure everyone is fairly represented. Be truthful and provide the most precise picture you can for their questions.
Your first line of witnesses are members of the KCCNY and guests, which is why you want to collect everyone’s contact information and share it with the rest of the group. But witnesses can extend beyond your group. If there are other material witnesses to the event, try to get their contact information. Do NOT ask them for their takes on the matter, just their data. K&K will handle interviews and information collection.
Waiver & Release 
As a trip coordinator, you should have already made sure each participant has a signed waiver one and understands the terms of it. Then put the waivers in a safe place away from wet gear. If an event happens and K&K requests waivers, retain a photocopy and mail the waivers to K&K.
Local Authorities
If the incident is bad enough to warrant intervention from local police and emergency services, ensure you get their information. K&K will require you to identify what town, county, and state the officers and staff work for.
Incident Report Form
You need to complete an incident report within 24 hours of the accident. The report will require the event’s region, the date of the accident, the nearest address of where the event happened, the victim’s name, address, and phone number.
Notify K&K of all incidents, not just the big catastrophic ones.