KCCNY has as one of its purposes in our bylaws ‘to promote the conservation and restoration of rivers particularly in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic regions’ the conservation and restoration of rivers.  KCCNY supports multiple recreational use and access for all public waters and resources.

Specific activities in support of conservation include:

  1. Alerting river conservation groups to any observed threats to river health or river access, so that there can be a united voice to address these issues.
  2. Writing letters and lobbying for conservation of rivers.

KCCNY encourages all members to:

  1. Join conservation organizations as individual members, thereby strengthening the voice of these organizations in their advocacy for river health and access.
  2. Donate funds to river organizations to support the detailed scientific and legal work required to effectively protect these rivers

At the end of each year KCCNY often donates much of its annual profit to conservation organizations that align with our mission. In the past we made significant donations to:

American WhitewawaterAmerican Whitewater
American Rivers
American Canoe Association
Passaic River Coalition

Currently KCCNY is a leading voice in local whitewater issues including the relicensing of the Rio Dam on the Mongaup River.