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Moodna creek most recent picture. Talk to the usgs if you want an actual gauge.

If it looks runnable in the foreground it probably is. Below are older pictures so you can gauge how quickly the Moodna’s rising or falling.

Moodna creek recent picture. Talk to the usgs if you want an actual gauge.Moodna creek older picture. Talk to the usgs if you want an actual gauge.


High Flow. No ledge visible.

Rapid shown is typical of the scratchier sections. Like on most rivers, lowest flow is subject to personal taste.
Higher flow – stout, getting into class 4: No ledge visible.
Holes are getting pretty substantial though more sneak routes open up. Running first dam isn’t outright boat abuse. Pillars (portagable, 3ish sneak) and factory (long portage) are getting into class 4.

Shows moonda at guessed low flow with foreground just getting covered and wave just hitting ledge on pillar

Medium flow. Ledge on south side of center pillar barely visible.

Medium-low:  At this level  and lower the wave below island below pillars and wave below peril are starting to get eddy service.  Class 2 upper section has some play but if you like your boat portage the first dam.

Low Flow Wave just hitting ledge below center pillar.

Normally only the gorge (32 to Forge Hill Road) is run at low flow as above 32 is boring with no play and packman below Forge Hill is a portage.

Moodna low-flow-1 July 23

Low to ELF range

ELF (Extra Low Flow):  How much to you like your boat? Rapid shown is typical of scrapier sections though not the worst spot.
You should be able to stay in your boat if it looks like you could get down the rapid shown.  Hole below the tooth is a straightforward surf, you’ll get caught at the top of the 2nd dam but should be able to slide down.

Moonda is at it’s best 1-3 days after big rains when it’s running clear and most flashier stuff isn’t running.

Pillars holds wood so run cautiously or scout. Pillars is normally run hitting the eddies on the right of these picture above the far right pillars and then ferrying into the meat to left of the central pillar or dropping off the cheat at the furthest point of the shelf to the right of the central ‘wave’ pillar. From the boat the sneak looks like a vertical drop into a retentive hole, but is a sloping slide.

Maximum Water Flow Level: The V shaped channel of most of the river makes running at higher waters relatively safe as holes in the center of the river can be avoided. Moodna also has some cso issues (combined sewage overflow) so best to run flashier and seldom run stuff during flood and save the Moodna for when things settle down.
Real-time cellular river-cam data and setup thanks to https://rivercam.io/.

Moodna Meeting locations

Normal meeting spot is next to a brick building next to the river just west of 9w. Turn down the dirt road/driveway.  https://goo.gl/maps/MNuGY8rCdWJdKiYx5. 2893 Rte 9W, New Windsor.
Highest normal launch is next to the river on Pleasant Hill Road. 45 Pleasant Hill Rd, New Windsor, NY https://goo.gl/maps/Pr6YCUN9vd5QUoDW6?coh=178572&entry=tt.
Middle Launch (Cornwall highway department gravel pit) has better play while you wait for late launchers. Gravel drive 800 feet south of highway department and 4/10 mile north of IL TESORO RISTORANTE.  https://maps.app.goo.gl/9MoePhngMFf9YMyP6.
Gorge/low water/short run launch it where 32 crosses the river. Ample parking southeast of river. Carry next to bridge, down spillway (carefully) or thru woods.  https://goo.gl/maps/MBdZqhv9EeKYiUzn8. 2181 NY-32, New Windsor, NY 12553.
Gorge/low water/short run take out is just below the bridge on Forge Hill Road at the Brewster Forge Historic Marker. Limited parking for normal clearance vehicles; more parking down a short steep road for 4 wheel drive vehicles. https://maps.app.goo.gl/DSfpjVcY7oUyMkcD9. 116 Forge Hill Rd., Cornwall NY.

Pillars holds wood. Always scout if you don’t have good beta. Skilled paddlers who know the river can boat scout, bumping down the right side and hitting the eddies on the right of this picture above the far right pillars.
If unfamiliar with the river or uncertain of your skills, scout river right.
From the eddy the main line is ferrying into the meat to left of the central pillar or (easier) dropping off the  furthest point of the shelf to the right of the central ‘wave’ pillar.
From above this sneak looks like a vertical drop into a retentive hole, but is a sloping slide.

River Classification *III , IV

Description This River is listed on the American Whitewater site at https://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/view/river-detail/1350/main. Class III,IV section begins at the Rt. 94 bridge.  and ends at the Forge Hill Rd. Bridge,

Medical Emergencies *Saint Luke’s Cornwall Hospital is within 1 1/4 mile of the entire run.
Montefiore St. Luke’s Hospital, 70 Dubois St, Newburgh, NY 12550 has a 24 hour emergency room and is 4 miles north of the pullout.
Evacuation Plan* The first 2 rapids including the class 4 Teeth Rapid have good access to Route 94 (though thru private property). The Teeth also has access to Mill St. on river right. The next few rapids including the class 3 factory has access via private property in the paved remains of the old carpet factory on river right. All subsequent rapids have 4 wheel drive access via an old rail-bed on river right. Cell phone service is excellent, and Cornwall Volunteer Ambulance Corps is at 1 Clinton Street Cornwall, NY 12518, within 2 miles of the entire run. Dial 911 in an emergency.
For the class 2 section above and below the harder part, 94 parallels the upper section and Forge Hill Road parallels the lower section, both on river right.
Flatwater above the Pleasant Hill Road with the drama of running under the Moodna Viaduct train trestle.
Tidewater below 9 with a pretty estuary. Closest accessible takeout if you head down river is Sloop Hill State Unique Area. Most folks will not want to do this in a whitewater boat.

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