Due to accounting issues, this program is temporarily suspended. If/when we get a new system in place we’ll consider reinstating.

If we bring it back, here’s the plan.
In order to encourage more folks to coordinate and for coordinators to up there skills  to feel more confident coordinating, KCCNY will  pay.

Classed to be reimbursed include first aid, CPR and swift-water Rescue and trip leadership.

  1. 50 percent of up to $200 per membership/calendar year* (i.e. $100 reimbursement) without board pre-approval at a rate of $20/per trip coordinated.
  2. 10% reimbursement immediately after course is taken for courses over $50.
    40% reimbursement after all required coordination for courses over $50, 50% for courses under $50.

Of course you don’t need any training to coordinate…at KCCNY we make it as easy as possible to coordinate.

KCCNY already offers assistance for instructor training.


  1. Takes Zoar demo day buddy rescue course @$30 (which actually sounds cool for basic rescue). No immediate reimbursement . Coordinates Lehigh trip, submits form, gets $15.
  2. Takes Wayne G-Man’s rescue course for $150. Submits confirmation email and gets $15 back when training is completed. Coordinates 4 trips and submit form. Gets $60 more back ($150/2=$75-$15 already received=$60).

The fun begins

Fine print*:

  • You need to be an active KCCNY member with an annual waiver on file.
  • Trips must be in KCCNYs normal paddling area… 200 miles from NYC with exceptions for the Yough, Stoney. More distant trips should be cleared with activities manager.
  • Trips need to be posted at least 1 week ahead for releases and always running rivers (and as far ahead as practical for natural flow).
  • All coordinated trips must be done and submitted within 365 days of course completion.
  • Membership/calendar year meaning if you join in the fall 0f say 2022 you can only collect $100 for $200 in courses without prior approval thru the end of 2023.
  • Prior approval is by the activities committee and if they don’t have budget or consensus, then the exec committee then the board.
  • Please allow 1-3 weeks for your reimbursement.