Waivers are now part of the membership sign up. Waivers filled out now will be good thru all the end of  2024. 

Members who signed up in 2023 need to update their membership to sign the 2024 waiver. 

We know – the folks you paddle with would never sue you – but their insurance company or a hospital might. The insurance and the waiver protect you, the club, and everyone on the trip.

Actual adult waiver if you’d like to review it.

The fun begins.

Minors must use the online or pdf waiver using the link below as both the minor and parent or legal guardian must sign.

The online waiver is at jotform.com/JLAagency/kccny-waiver . For tracking reasons, these ‘jotform’ online and printed waivers will not be accepted for adult annual waivers.

But if in doubt print out and bring the *pdf/paper waiver if joining a trip last minute, and don’t be offended if the coordinator requests a signed *pdf/paper waiver.