At least read this:

KCCNY needs a  copy of the waiver .

The ACA does not share the electronic waiver with us. Use the form at the bottom of this page to send a copy to KCCNY.

KCCNY members who want to fill out 1 waiver for the ‘insurance’ year of Dec-Nov need to:

  1. Indicate (check) that they are ACA members,
  2. Provide an ACA # and
  3. Indicate that they want the waiver to count as an annual waiver.
    For the online waiver to count for the year you must check yes to ‘For PAC members. Are you submitting this as your annual waiver?’

We wish we didn’t need waivers, but we do.

We know – the folks you paddle with would never sue you – but their insurance company or a hospital might. The insurance we get thru the ACA (American Canoe Association) and the waiver protects you, the club and everyone on the trip.
ACA LogoWe’ve been working with club member and former professional risk manager and risk management teacher***.

  • KCCNY Members only need 1 waiver per Dec-Nov insurance year. Check Member List to see if you or any member has a waiver on file.
    Not a KCCNY member and only want to do this once. Join or renew KCCNY. For the online waiver to count for the year you must check yes to ‘For PAC members. Are you submitting this as your annual waiver?’
  • KCCNY must receive a copy of the waiver. When you fill out the online waiver, the ACA does not send us a copy or give us access.*
  • If you’re not an American Canoe Association (ACA) member, from the website you can join or renew or pay a day event fee.
  • For an ACA member waiver to be in effect, you must be an ACA member (so check that box on the ACA member waiver) and provide an ACA #.

Please sign an online waiver at

Club affiliation: Kayak and Canoe Club of New York*
Name of event: KCCNY events*
Start date : Today’s date** or event date for non ACA member waivers.
Sponsoring club should be: Kayak and Canoe Club of New York*
KCCNY and ACA members only need fill out 1 form for the entire year, but you must check yes to For PAC members. Are you submitting this as your annual waiver?
After completing, the American Canoe Association will send an email confirmation.

Once confirmed, they ACA will send you an email that says ‘ copies have been sent all parties’. However, they have not sent a copy to us and we need one.

Your waiver is not valid until KCCNY receives a copy.

Download the waiver and submit using the form below (or to an email provided).
Email the trip coordinator as well if you are joining a trip.

If you have a printer you might find the PDF Adult Waiver and Minor (under 18 ) Waiver easier.


    We prefer you use online forms but these printable forms can be used.
    If using the paper for your annual waiver check ‘this as an annual waiver” on the waiver and we still need the electronic copy.

    The fun begins – waiver review back in the day before online waivers.

    *Though we’d love every waiver to be perfect, waivers are acceptable if the *items are not as requested.
    **If a range of dates is included it must be through end the insurance year.

    ***As a risk management professional, he prefers to remain not to be named as it’s too risky to make a professional judgment. The ACA also does a lot of other good stuff from promoting paddlesports to certifying instructors to assistive paddling for the physically impaired.