KCCNY members who want to fill out 1 waiver per calendar year, and waivers filled out now will be good thru all the end of  2023. 

We wish we didn’t need waivers, but we do.

We know – the folks you paddle with would never sue you – but their insurance company or a hospital might. The insurance and the waiver protects you, the club and everyone on the trip.

Fill out the waiver at jotform.com/JLAagency/kccny-waiver.

The fun begins

Once the safety committee has approved the waiver your membership or guest status will be upgraded so you can attend trips and pool sessions. If filling out just before an activity print out a copy as proof of completion and don’t be shocked if the coordinator still insists on a *pdf/paper waiver.

Waivers need to be approved which can take some time, so bring a paper copy of the waiver if joining a trip last minute and don’t be offended if the coordinator requests a signed *pdf/paper waiver.

*Note that pdf waivers will not count for your annual waiver. You’ll still have to fill out an online waiver.