President  Sean Kraft
Vice Pres. Frank Chiocco
Secretary Peter Nolan
Treasurer  Tom Hart
Trustee Michael Fine
Trustee Sean Creamer (’25)
Trustee Arthur Block
Trustee Andrew Laiosa
Trustee David Rosenfeld
Trustee Erik Werner (’25)
Trustee Phil Engert
Trustee Jesse Koproski
Trustee Melissa Spooner (’25)
Trustee Christopher Dubetsky

The KCCNY Board of Trustees manage the affairs and oversee the funds, records and property of KCCNY, set policy for KCCNY and assists in its implementation.

The Officers consult as to day to day workings of KCCNY and propose items for discussion and/or determination by the Board of Trustees.

Officers members serve as liaison to all committees.

Read our bylaws for complete details.

Nominations are accepted for in September and voted on at the annual meeting in November or December.