To submit a trip please fill out the form below before 2 pm on the business day before the event.

    (one form of contact required so participants can contact you for detail).

    For class 3 and above the ACA's insurance request form needs to be filled out following the directions on All class 3 and above trips will be listed as insurance pending until the ACA's insurance confirmation letter is forwarded to waivers at kccny dot org.

    Nearest City to activity meeting place. KCCNY does not post the exact meeting place or time so the coordinator can access skills of potential participants.(required)

    Your ACA # is available from the ACA website and under your profile on if you submitted it. The Event Organizer must be a current member of the ACA. To verify, please call the ACA Office at 540-907-4460 ext 112, as well as a kccny member with a waiver on file.