Zoom opens at 7.30, meeting starts at 7.45. Zoom Link:


If you have trouble getting in please contact Melissa Spooner (spooner.mm@gmail.com 6176765926) or Keith Cooper.

Approve last meetings minutes.

Finance Frank Chiocco
Present balance sheet and revised budget

Pool Sessions Mark Voorhees – final accounting?(Frank).

Blog/Website Honestly…help needed.

Forum – should we bring it back?

Activities Peter Nolan
Getting Lehigh trips on schedule.

Membership Keith Cooper
Guests- What to do if they don’t want to pay.

Publicity/ Publications Melissa Spooner
Google address ?
Email about rejoining. Upgrading membership from limited to full?
Mailchimp limits.

Safety Sean Kraft –
Note Wayne Gmain said he contacted Keith “sharing the 3 dates I have listed that he could easily add in a bunch of people. I also gave him 2 july dates he could work with if that was something he wanted to try and push… as long as he gets at least 6 people. I could even do an early August date if you guys get at least 6 people paid in advance.”

Training/ Instruction Jesse Koproski

Conservation Keith Cooper

Equipment Christopher Dubetsky. Purchased 5 paddles @ $80 each as that was the biggest limiting factor in being able to loan stuff out.  Chris will try to sell 1-2. Chris is also tossing old helmets and rand skirts.
Chris has been complaining about not getting equipment back.
Frank to be working on security and getting some boats to his Little Ferry location (east of Garfield).
We own a trailer that could be converted to carry boats. it’s at David’s

New Business: Moodna Gauge – use a $100 trail cam with a free cellular connection to get real time gauge pictures. https://rivercam.io/.