Moodna April 17, 2021

the teeth on moodna creek

12 paddlers, 1-2 swimmers, warm water for mid April. Just happened to glance at AW’s safety page and see

  • Always Wear Your PFD
  • Research the River You Plan to Paddle
  • Avoid Dams
  • Avoid Drugs

So since it’s come up before say again that the Moonda dams have been run in nearly all levels and both have a kick up at the bottom that prevents the recirc of the traditional low head dam….but both are one flood away from being damaged and dangerous. Though are also far from the most fun things on the Moodna with dozens of interesting lines, small drops, surf spots and surprising remoteness and beauty for exurbia…but they are great photo ops especially for the lazy photog who never ever gets out of his boat just for a better shot.

Second dam looks smaller with a 12′ canoe going down it.

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Shohola impacted by Gas Pipeline project

For several years now I have followed the reports in local news papers about the rush to tap the natural gas deposits in the Marcellus shale, and I am aware that there are many groups fighting to ensure that the state and other regulatory agencies ensure local communities and the environment are protected. Almost all of the talk and news has been focused on future potential impact but the fact is the impact is already being felt here now and that damage is already being done. I am referring to damage done to the beautiful Shohola Creek watershed by the Columbia Gas and Tennessee Gas Pipeline project. This is the pipeline that is being constructed to bring the natural gas from the Marcellus shale to markets in NJ and NYC. Continue reading “Shohola impacted by Gas Pipeline project”