Sun, Feb 5    


Tom Hart
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Garfield Boys and Girls Club Pool
490 Midland Ave., Garfield, NJ, 07026

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2 hour pool session to try  everything from basic handling to advanced playboating to working on that all important roll.

Pool sessions continue every Sunday for 2 hours from 2.30-4.30 until the end of March.

$3 late registration surcharge on single day purchases. Register before noon (to allow admins to have time to check folks in).

Many of the regulars are skilled boaters who will be glad to offer (usually good and helpful) advice.
Loaner equipment is available with prior arrangement.
Clean your equipment.

See pool page for all rules and procedures.

Attendees who registered. Some folks may have contacted the coordinator personally.
  • Erik Werner
    • KCCNY Adult Member
  • Morgan De Marco
    • KCCNY Adult Member
  • Christopher Dubetsky
    • KCCNY Adult Member
  • Nancy Doherty
    • 5 Sessions (KCCNY members only)
  • Matthew Dundas
    • KCCNY Adult Member
  • Chana Frommer
    • 5 Sessions (KCCNY members only)
  • Christopher Magro
    • Adult Ticket - non KCCNY/AMC member
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Bookings are closed for this event.