Sat, Jan 20    
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Mark Voorhees
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Garfield Boys and Girls Club Pool
490 Midland Ave., Garfield, NJ, 07026

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2 two-hour pool sessions to try everything from basic handling to advanced play-boating to working on that all-important roll at the same spacious Garfield Pool we’ve had for years.

Plan on arriving early with a clean boat and equipment.

Online booking only as the online systems aids tracking and makes life easier for our volunteer administrators.

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See kccny.org/events/categories/pool-session/ for all rules and procedures.


Jason, Mark and Boof showing playboating in poolWe have plenty of skilled instructors at all sessions who can help with getting you started and basic rolling. Just ask (or flounder and someone will probably offer to help).

John “NJ Boofer” will be teaching another play-boating teaching session for folks who’ve attended a previous class or have some experience.  Details and sign up for playboating class.

Julie McCoy, multi-certified instructor,  will be bring sea kayaks and teaching open water rescue and re-entry, a must for anyone venturing far from shore or paddling where re-entry is difficult (like much of NY Harbor with its miles of bulk-headed shoreline). Julie is also certified for rolling instruction.


Equipment is available to borrow including boats, paddles, skirts helmets and life jackets  but takes time to arrange so reach out well beforehand.
Details on borrowing equipment.

If you’re bringing a boat other than a whitewater kayak note that when you sign up. Don’t expect to paddle a larger boat around much but you should be able to practice rolls and re-entries.

Fragile boats are not recommended and due to expected larger than normal crowds due to cold weather we may limit larger boats.



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