Fri, Oct 6 - Sun, Oct 8    
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Tom Hart
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Hickory Run Group Campground (for Lehigh)
Organized Group Tent Camping at Hickory Run State Park , , Albrightsville, PA, 18210

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The Lehigh Mega is happening and we’ve got camping and trips all 3 days. Fast flushy rapids with big wavers and lots of on the fly surf in waves, wavy holes and even pretty scary looking holes. Bring your fast boat and your roll for extra fun.

Friday should be near 4000 cfs – this brings the Lehigh into class 3 with a mandatory good roll (or self-rescue for inflatables) as water will be flowing through the trees so swims become dangerous. Expect large waves and holes with extremely pushy water. Probably 20 fast miles -White Haven to Glen Onoko .
If you are a bit challenged by a 2 barrel Mongaup trip perhaps you should wait till Saturday. That being said if you are comfortable in class 3 water and like large wave trains you will really enjoy this trip.
Saturday will likely be  2500 cfs. Very likely we’ll split into a fast (bombers) and slow (surfers) group. Trip length is to be determined by levels and groups, but often we do White to Glen again or dam to Rockport if we can drive down the road below the dam.
Sunday could be as low as 1000 cfs.  With cooler weather predicted, Sunday is likely to be a smaller group.

Official dam press release at https://www.nap.usace.army.mil/Media/News-Releases/Article/3542385/army-corps-shares-details-for-final-water-releases-of-recreation-season/.
However, this is the Lehigh and changes are posted on facebook.com/fewalterdam

For those that haven’t done the Lehigh at bigger water, rolling is really nice as swims are long. There are lots of big, avoidable holes and good on-the-fly surfing (best for longer boats as boat speed matters). Almost nothing is retentive (well, don’t ask us about Triple Drop) and water is relatively warm (still likely heavier wetsuit at a minimum…it is October) so it’s a chance to hit holes and waves you wouldn’t normally hit…or just float fast in a pretty place.

We’re camping at Hickory Run Group campsites and have a site reserved.
Porta Potties and no showers on site but otherwise comfortable, large sites (with showers and such a long walk or short drive away at the ‘real’ campground).

Food largely supplied by the club will be Frank’s typical carnivorous filling fair for dinners.
Basic breakfasts of coffee, oatmeal, and/or eggs.

Plan on bringing some stuff to contribute and helping.

Adult beverages are technically prohibited so plan on being discreet (like drinking from a mug).



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