Sun, Jan 15    
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Mark Voorhees
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Garfield Boys and Girls Club Pool
490 Midland Ave., Garfield, NJ, 07026

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2 hour pool session to try  everything from basic handling to advanced play-boating to working on that all important roll.

butch and prof on the toh contemplating plowing a lot of boatThough totally optional, we’ll spend part of the time working on some basic whitewater safety items that can make coordinating trips easier and safer, including throw ropes and hand of god rescues as well as boat plowing, paddling carrying someone else’s paddles and towing boats and people. We’ll also discuss such important concepts as don’t don’t be 2nd victim and planning your actions. The idea is give folks practice with skills that will help them coordinate/assist, especially cleaning up yard sales as occasionally happens on beginning whitewater trips.

Pool sessions continue every Sunday for 2 hours from 2.30-4.30 until the end of March

Limited # allowed in the pool.

$3 day of surcharge….Register Saturday or before.

Discounts available to certified instructors teaching the majority of the session. Please contact our training chair.

Many of the regulars are skilled boaters who will be glad to offer (usually good and helpful) advice.
Loaner equipment is available with prior arrangement.
Clean your equipment.

See pool page for all rules and procedures.


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