Fri, Aug 11    
We often don't post the exact meeting time. Most trips begin mid-morning.


Tom Hart
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Deerfield, Monroe Bridge (Dryway)
1 Depot St, Monroe, MA, 01350

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The Deerfield River’s Dryway. What else can we say? Our classic class 4. The coordinator knows the lines reasonably well so can show qualified*folks down, but this is a bad river to swim or even to have to roll in the wrong place.

2-day Friday and Saturday releases will is often more local and less crowded. No release Sunday though there’s plenty of other stuff in the areas.

Friday’s release starts at 11 so we’ll be meeting up beforehand to set up the shuttle.

Fife releasing Thursday thru Sunday.

*The dryway is a big step up from our regular haunts like the Mongaup.


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