Sat, Aug 27 - Sun, Aug 28    


Frank Chiocco
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Hickory Run Group Campground (for Lehigh)
Organized Group Tent Camping at Hickory Run State Park , , Albrightsville, PA, 18210

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We’re camping at Hickory Run Group campsites – fan favorites as they essentially have no back, so you can pitch your tent as far back in the Pennsyltucky woods as you dare and not be kept up by rambunctious fellow campers.

Breakfast before Sunday’s festivities will be  coffee/tea & Suzanne’s filling burritos.

Saturday dinner is post luck for those that want to share. Don’t bring too much more then you could eat unless it’s something you want to take home.

Adult beverages are technically prohibited, so plan on being discrete. Pro tip – insulated coffee cups keep things cool too.


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