Personal 1st Descents 2012

As the year comes to a close its always kind of fun to look back at the rivers we paddled. Besides, there is no water anywhere and there’s not much to do besides read about boating.
2012 was kind of a down year for me. I had only 2 personal first descents,  the Stoneycreek and Tygart. Not too impressive. I’ve got to do a bit better than that but it was tough for me to get out early in the season and the fall was kind of a bust.
Other people must have done a lot better. Jordan in particular really stepped up this year and ran some impressive stuff.
So lets hear from anyone who ran something for the 1st time this year. Remember that we all started somewhere even the Lackawaxen is impressive to a 1st time boater.

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  1. After the 2011 season was halted in late July due to emergency triple-bypass heart surgery… 2012 was an awesome comeback year! Starting with new heart plumbing, rehabilitation, & a focus on improving technique; 6 first descents were accomplished!
    In order…
    Starucca (local creek near Binghamton)
    Mongaup: upper, from dam spillway to powerplant
    Eagerly anticipating 2013!

  2. For the past couple years i was in a couple other local general boating clubs till i caught the white water bug last summer. Over the winter break i was really determined to devote this season to becoming a reliable whitewater boater.
    My season of firsts really started with getting the courage to do the pool sessions. I was pretty shy at them at first and frankly that first one didn’t go well at all. My body wanted nothing to do with all that bending and twisting while upside down underwater! But i stuck with them and each week i got better.
    Other firsts were
    Esopus – Funfest, I’ve been wanting to get back on that river all summer to make up for a couple early season swims.
    Lehigh Upper and Lower – finally got to see what everyone was talking about and ended up liking it and got tons of learning practice running it maybe 20 more times thru the season
    Mongaup + Dam/Spillway Down – Mongaup was a first and alot of fun when we had water. Also got to run that top section that Mark mentioned from the dam on down with a ton of water. Was a blast and won’t soon be forgotten.
    Fifebrook / Zoar Gap – KCCNY group trip
    Salmon River – another group trip, can’t wait to go back for some more awesome surfing
    Farmington River – New Boston Section
    Muddy Creek – needs more water!
    There’s probably a couple more but these are the ones that are currently coming to mind. I plan to double or triple this list in 2013!
    Chris Dubetsky

    1. You put together a pretty impressive list for your 1st year out Chris. It wasn’t that long ago that I was paddling those rivers for the 1st time. They were a little scary when I was starting out. Keep up the good work, you’ll be paddling the Gauley before you know it

  3. esopus, although it was beyond my ability at the time.
    Deerfield, where i finally learned the benifit’s of edge control.
    Mongaup, at 1 barrel and equal to 2 barrel releases.
    Little Lehigh, where i had my first clean run slalom.
    I would like to add a thank you to Jack and Ellen for their great patience. since i don’t learn to good.
    although i had many first this year I have been inspired by my fellow clubmates with there patience and understanding.

    1. Hey Bill I don’t think we’ve met Jack taught me to roll also although I don’t believe he likes to admit that because my roll is really ugly. In fact he usually uses me as an example of how not to do something. It must have been a little disconcerting to paddle the Esopus and realize that you weren’t quite ready for it, I still get a thrill trying out new rivers but there isn’t anything quite like that 1st year when everything is brand new. Maybe we’ll get to meet up at the Esopus this year and you can show off all of your moves

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