With 2011 drawing to a close I thought it might be fun to start a thread on personal first descents accomplished this past year. I was surprised at how big my own list was. It would be interesting to hear what our members have been paddling so please post your own list. Even if you are a new paddler with only one or two rivers and a pool session, let us know. Or, in the case of Wayne, if its the first time you’ve paddled a river in an open boat. It can be anything.
My own list:

  • Harveys Creek with Ed Snutes & Jason Gould
  • Savage River
  • Rockway River (Boonton Gorge) with Ed Snutes
  • Upper section of the Lamington
  • Fish Creek with Ed Snutes, Neval, and Myles
  • Bottom Moose
  • Top Yough with Ken Voytac
  • Upper Yough
  • Beaver River Eagle section
  • Brodhead Creek
  • Raymondskill Creek with Wayne Gman

A couple of rivers on my radar for 2012 are: Hornbecks and Van Campens, the Popolopan, Great Falls of the Potomac, the Green Narrows and Geddes (I don’t know how I’ve missed one so close).
Enjoy the Holidays everyone and stay safe in 2012