4 Holiday Mountain Road

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Take Out:
591 Oakland Valley Road, Cuddebackville, Deerpark, NY
This 11.3 mile section of the Neversink is mostly class 1 to 2, but has about 1.5 miles of exciting class 3 to 4 rapids about halfway through. The gorge is very remote and isolated from there until the first houses appear on river right about 1/2 mile before the takeout in Oakland Valley.
How to contact EMS: Dial 911.
Crystal Run Healthcare ,61 Emerald Pl 2nd Floor, Rock Hill, NY 12775 7 Days 8AM–7:30PM, Bon Secours Community Hospital, 160 E Main St, Port Jervis, NY 12771 24 hour emergency closest to put in. Ellenville Regional Hospital, 10 Healthy Way, Ellenville, NY 12428 24 hour emergency closest to pullout.
Hosp phone:
Crystal Run (845) 796-5444, Bon Secours (845) 858-7000, Ellenville (845) 647-6400
The hardest section of the river – from Denton Falls to High Falls – have a 4 wheel drive road/trail on river left that leads to the Neversink Gorge Trailhead, 754 Katrina Falls Rd, Rock Hill, NY 12775, in the Wolf Brook Multiple Use Area. Denton Falls is a mere 15 minute walk on a maintained 4 wheel drive road. Since this part of the gorge is a significant step up, it’s difficult to imagine trouble happening in other spots. However, above the falls Hiram Jones Road gets quite close to river left. Below the falls Griffith Road parallels river left apx. 500-1000 feet east and 200′ vertical feet.

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