unclassified river approved for insured trips to ACA for official KCCNY trips.

Address (the put in for rivers): 21 Quaker Bridge Road, Croton on Hudson, NY, 10520, United States

Croton should probably not be run during nice days, especially summer weekends – with the exception of parking at the railroad station and paddling up the islan rapid.

Location of Put-In Address: Croton Gorge Park, 35 Yorktown Rd, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520.

Location of Take-Out Address: Mayo’s Landing, 62 Nordica Drive, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520

Minimum Water Flow Level: 150 cfs =2.5 feet – gage is CROTON R AT NEW CROTON DAM


Maximum Water Flow Level: 5000 cfs=7 feet

Description: Croton is a short run convenient to the NY suburbs for many of our members. It really isn’t class 3 at normal levels, but has several dams and a man rocky stretch that are normally run and present hazards. And like any river, higher water flows thru trees along the shore and can present additional hazards. All of these are clearly described in the American Whitewater description at

These include:

Pumping station dam which is retentive at right. Normally a diversion canal allows the dam to besnuck, but for several years that’s been blocked by a tree. Boofing right is straightforward.

Rock Slide at Black Rock Park Dam above Quaker Bridge Dam: class II ish with class IV consequences, 8 feet high 30 ft long: Run the rock slide at river left or portage right.

Silver Lake dam: Run hard right. There is a strong hole below the rest of the dam but it is quite  shallow. At high water it’s more wave-like.

Island Rapid bumps up to class 3 around 5 feet.

Cell phone works on River?: Yes

How to contact EMS: Dial 911

Nearest Hospital(s) and/or Urgent Care: Sun River Health Peekskill Urgent Care, 1037 Main

St, Peekskill, NY 10566

Hospital Phone: 914-402-7400

Evacuation Plan: Trail follows river on left to pumping station dam with access to Croton Aquaduct Trail which is emergency vehicle accessible.

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