1349 PA-390

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Location of Take-Out Address: Paradise Valley Rd, Stroud Township, PA
Minimum Water Flow Level: 2 feet- gauge is Brodhead Creek near Analomink, PA
Maximum Water Flow Level: 6 feet
Description: Class 3+ creek. No known undercuts or sieves. Some play spots. 1st drop after
put-in about 100 yards. safest line in all conditions is river left. Stay away from middle the hole
can be retentive. Next is little slide on river left easiest line. Boof opportunities on river right.
Next is typewriter. rapid curves river right. While on river right move left for easy line. Great eddy
practice next to 2 holes in middle. typewriter rapid is the last rapid to boof. Typewriter rapid will
always flush or ride you river left. Next rapid is big slide on river left. To punch hole aim for
rooster tail then slide and punch hole. Shallow water. Flipping there likely to scratch helmet.
Safe line stay right of rooster tail and punch hole angle river right. High water (5 feet and over)
easier rapid on river right to avoid slide. River curves left. good play-hole by rt 447. this is the
takeout for the miracle mile. continuing to take-out at junction rt 447 and rt 191. boogy water for
a few hundred yards. Next rapid is triple drop. Island on right eddy out river right and punch
holes river right. Stay away from middle. 1st hole is very retentive. The rest of the creek is read
and run.
Cell phone works on River?: Some coverage, Best at junction rt 447 and rt 191
How to contact EMS: Best to call 911 by getting to cell coverage.
Nearest Hospital(s) and/or Urgent Care: Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono 206 East Brown
Street East Stroudsburg, PA 18301-3006
Hospital Phone: 570-421-4000
Evacuation Plan: In an emergency 447 is always on river right. Best bet would be to flag a
vehicle down and get to cell coverage to dial 911.

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