Sat, Jan 13    
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Julie McCoy
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Garfield Boys and Girls Club Pool
490 Midland Ave., Garfield, NJ, 07026

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The next couple of pool sessions we’ll have a sea kayak at the pool. Learn how to assist an open water rescue or try a self-rescue; learn the parts of a sea kayak other than its length that make it different from a whitewater boat.

Work with ACA certified and very experienced instructor Julie McCoy to practice and refine essential skills for anyone paddling far from shore or where landing is difficult (which includes many areas around New York City).

Note you need to sign up for the pool session as well…and even if you don’t sign up you’ll probably still be able to be involved for part of the session.

And note it’s a crowded pool. You won’t be able to paddle a sea kayak much, but you should be able to practice rescues and rolls. The whitewater folks will do their best to stir up the water to make it a bit more realistic.


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