Thu, Mar 14    
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Tom Hart
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Moodna Creek
2893 Rte 9W, New Windsor, NY

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Late afternoon-early evening probably mediumish Moodna but thanks to our camera gauge we’ll know how much water….

Likely will run the upper section but skip the lower section below Forge Hill Road as it’s got more hazards then should be run in fading light.

Moodna creek most recent picture. Talk to the usgs if you want an actual gauge.Real time picture.
Should go down a bit by Thursday. Rapid in center of this picture is typical of the shallower sections.

Class 3 +. About as hard as  Toh at release levels, but much more likely to have inopportune wood and other unexpected hazards. (Tom got caught in new hole last week- Moodna changes after every flood and it flooded after last week’s run).


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