Sat, Aug 19 - Sun, Aug 20    
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Tom Hart
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Hudson Gorge
4658 NY-28,, North River, NY, 12856

Event Type

Long, 15-mile day that ends in a 3-mile float out. Remote, with long, wide rapids and high levels expected, so class 4, with a near bomb-proof roll and the ability to pick a line in big water and blast a hole. (Dryway level).

The forecast should keep the water up but not too up-probably around 5 feet which translates into 5-foot waves and holes that will hold boats but (probably not) swimmers.

A front could pull thru before the weekend giving us beautiful weather with highs in the 60s on Saturday and 70s on Sunday and lows in the 50s at night.

Lots of play.

Plan is to camp at one of the primitive backcountry sites in the area and paddle both days. Plenty of more luxurious accommodations in the area.

Commercial rafting is definitely available if you’d like to camp with us and see the river, as well as easier stuff below the gorge.


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