Fri, Aug 5 - Sun, Aug 7    


Tom Hart
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Camping at Country Aire Campground for the Deerfieldfest.
Convenient to the Festival Site at Berkshire East Ski Area and Zoar Gap where we hope for demos and clinics.

For those not inclined to paddle all day, the campground includes a beautiful pool.

If someone wants to organize group food, great! Contact us. Otherwise we’ll share and mooch off each other.

No refunds unless the camping or event gets cancelled, but you can give or sell your space to someone else. First come first serve and first to pay get first choice of campsites and parking at the campsite if either of these become issues. Profits will mostly be funneled back into the weekend for shared food, fuel etc.

Though we expect to have both Dryway and Fife Brook trips, they’ll be time to take advantage of the festival offerings.

Attendees who registered. Some folks may have contacted the coordinator personally.
  • Adam Schwartz
    • Camping KCCNY member
  • Ian Rusinski
    • Camping KCCNY member
  • Frank Chiocco
    • Camping KCCNY member
  • andrew frey
    • Camping KCCNY member
  • Tom Hart
    • Camping KCCNY member
  • Richard Skvorec
    • Camping KCCNY member
  • Clara Diamond
    • Camping KCCNY member
  • Peter Nolan
    • Camping non-KCCNY member
Waiting on waivers/membership/not yet approved:
  • Keith Cooper
  • Jesse Koproski
  • Cheryl Shiber


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