Proposed slate for 2023 officers and board. Nominations may be taken at our annual meeting before elections. For anyone not present (in person or on Zoom) we need a written proof of willingness to serve.
Elections will be at annual meeting 2nd Sat. of November.

President Tom Hart
Vice President Peter Nolan
Secretary Sean Kraft
Treasurer Frank Chiocco
Trustee 1 Michael Fine
Trustee 2 Keith Cooper
Trustee 3 Arthur Block
Trustee 4 Andrew Laiosa
Trustee 5 David Rosenfeld
Trustee 6 Jack Moskowitz
Trustee 7 Phil Engert
Trustee 8 Jesse Koproski
Trustee 9 Melissa Spooner (not up for re-election)
Trustee 10 Chris Dubetsky (glad to not be a trustee/ will continue as equipement)

Committees (not up for election; appointed by the President with approval of board. Included as filling chairs is an important part of the board.

Activities Peter Nolan
Membership David Rosenfeld
Finance Frank Chiocco
Pool Sessions Mark Voorhees
Publicity/Publications Melissa Spooner
Blog Tom Hart
Website Jack Moskowitz
Safety Sean Kraft
Training and Instruction Jesse Koproski
Conservation Keith Cooper
Equipment Christopher Dubetsky
Annual Dinner Frank Chiocco