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Up a Creek With a Paddle: Great Places to Kayak in New York State

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Adventurers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, and exercise fans, it’s time to discover New York! With more than 7,600 freshwater lakes, ponds, and reservoirs in the state and thousands of miles of trails, you’re likely to find something special. A few years ago, I would have never believed that this honestly huge state has so much to offer, with some of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world, deep caves and caverns, deceptively big forests, huge cliffs to climb, vast chasms, and huge canyons. If you’re like me and never really thought much about New York beyond the limits of the city, then it’s time to check it out.

Going on Adventures in New York State

I’m Matt, an adventurer, biker, climber, runner, history buff, white-rapids enthusiast, and traveler. After having some epic journeys to various parts of the state, both in the city and far beyond, I decided to make this site to spread the word of what the Empire State has to offer those hoping to get a bit of fresh air. I’ve been going on journeys upstate almost every week for several years now, and I’m always astonished that there’s still so much more to discover. When I can’t get up out of the city, I roam around some of the surprisingly large parks within the city or in Staten Island. I’ve learned so much about the natural landmarks of New York state that I thought it would be a disservice not to share it!

Finding Yourself Off of the Beaten Path

So many forests and regions of New York are largely untouched by man’s influence and appear as they did thousands of years ago. I created this site, Kayaking, Climbing, and Cycling NY, because I’ve had so many great adventures and wanted to offer up resources for those looking to explore and discover these amazing places, from mountains to summit to the best spots for kayaking!

Whether you’re enjoying the Adirondacks, the Catskills, the Shawangunk Ridge, or anywhere else on your kayak, canoe, bike, or just your own two feet, you’ll likely be awestruck by the untouched beauty these natural areas have to offer. I hope that KCCNY can help you find your next adventure!