I am sharing this post by Jill Arbuckle as I am deeply concerned about this threat to our local rivers and streams. I did not know that the shale drilling was also going to affect us locally and hope that this will be stopped. There is a link in Jill’s post to an organization that is fighting this threat. Think about how many rivers and streams we use that are tributaries to the Delaware- some of my personal favorites are. How about yours? Do you want to see you local streams de-watered or too polluted to paddle?
The new gas line, the source of that killer timber in the Shohola, is being
built to bring hydrofractured gas from PA to the metro area (and trashing
several NJ parks en route). The Delaware River Basin Commission (voting
members the governors of NY, NJ, PA, MD and someone from the Army Corps) was
proposing to lift its moratorium on drilling in the Delaware watershed. They
received thousands of e-mails opposing the draft regulations, or demanding
more time for study. A big demo is planned for Monday in Trenton, where the
DRBC was to meet at its HQ to vote.
Yesterday, they suddenly cancelled the vote. Rumor says because Cuomo and
the MD governor planned to vote “no”. The rally will happen anyway – asking
for permanent ban, not just temporary continuation of the moratorium. I
plan to attend. This is not just about the risk of polluting drinking water
for 17 million – the river, its tributaries, local aquifers and ground
water – with millions of gallons of chemical-laden flowback and wastewater
It’s also about permits for the 3+ million gallons of water they need PER
WELL for fracking. Some 2000 wells planned for NY State. Potential to
substantially dewater the Shohola, Lackawaxen, Mongaup, Tohickon….the
places you guys paddle.
Your support in the continuing effort to ban fracking in the watershed
would help keep the river and its tributaries as we now enjoy them. The
Delaware is the longest undammed river east of the Mississipi, much of it
has Wild and Scenic designation, “Special Protection Waters” (ie especially
worth keeping pristine) designation almost continuous from Hancock to
Google Delaware Riverkeeper for details – please get on their mailing list
so you’ll know when an e-mail from you would help. The AMC Bethlehem office
is also involved in the effort to see fracking is tightly regulated, and
kept out of sensitive areas..