Fri, Sep 22 - Sun, Sep 24    


Tom Hart
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West River
48 Salmon Hole Ln, Jamaica, VT, 05343

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This is a great event on a beautiful 2-3 river with easier alternatives and other activities. Very Mongaupish except for the dumplings which online is straightforward (and we’ll promise a guide for the first few trips). The whole weekend takes place in Jamaica State Park. We’ve got 3 campsites (Fri-Mon), all a short distance from the shuttle.

In past years for $25/day the park service loads you and your boat into a truck and runs you 3 miles up the dirt road. No racks, cars, resetting shuttle, just paddle, eat and adjust your gear, ride, repeat.

For those not inclined to paddle all day, the park includes a rail trail to walk or bike up to view the paddling and hikes to waterfalls.

No refunds unless the event gets cancelled, but you can give or sell your space to someone else. First come first serve and first to pay get first choice of campsites and parking at the campsite if either of these become issues. Profits will  be funneled back into the weekend for shared food, fuel etc.
Nights get a little wild but with most folks being paddlers things settle down at a reasonable hour.

As for paddling, it’s mostly 2 similar to Mongaup, with 1 class 3. On route (i.e. following someone thru) the main line is pretty straightforward, but things get exciting off that main line.

Lot’s of lodging in the area if you don’t want to camp.
We’ll open up reservations when it looks fairly likely the event will happen which will be sometime during the summer. They need enough water and are working on the dam.