Zoom link on http://www.kccny.com/2/MeetingAgenda.aspx .

7.45 open up zoom 15 minute chat, sound check, etc. (sign in and go about your business if you  want).

Zoom Meeting starts at 8.

we’ll be recording the meeting.

8:00 WELCOME  Tom Hart

POOL – board liaison?

SAFETY Sean Kraft

ACA wants additional information in paddling plan for class 3 and harder  Sean will needs help : Lehigh high water, Zoar,
As a reminder: Insurance:

  1. When in doubt get a signed paper waiver.
  2. ACA is actually offers pretty comprehensive insurance, with deep pockets in the event that something goes wrong, including directors and officers insurance. However, it’s all contingent on properly filled out waivers. So see point #1

Details at https://kccny.org/waiver/.

This is not a kccny

Post event procedures. Officially we should be emailing aca for all events with no injuries or ACA fees and submitting formal reports if there are fees or injuries.
Form has been added to new trip coordinator page…

MEMBERSHIP David- may not be able to attend. David has had a hard time getting stickers out for those we promised for November to March. Anyone want to help?


BLOG Tom Hart.  Website will be gradually transitioning  to a WordPress website unless there’s some asp.net programmers here we don’t know about who want to take it on.
Big remaining job is migrating membership.

ACTIVITIES Peter Nolan.  New coordinator procedure page at https://kccny.org/trip-coordinator-responsibilities-and-procedures/ . We’d like to make this the page.
We’re going to hold this discussion to 15 minutes and if we can’t get near consensus we’ll move this to the activities committee because they have lots of budget they haven’t used and in my mind this is about getting more folks to coordinate.


Up to 50 percent of up to $200 course (i.e. $100 reimbursement)  without pre-approval at a rate of $20/per trip coordinated.

KCCNY members only, minimum 4 participants posted at least 1 week ahead for releases and always running. All Coordination must be done and submitted within 1 year.


10% reimbursement immediately after course is taken for courses over $50 (so that we don’t have a massive budget drain).


40% reimbursement after all required coordinationtions.


Example 1: Takes zoar demo day buddy rescue course @$30 (which actually sounds cool for basic rescue). No immediate reimbursement . Coordinates Lehigh trip, submits form, get’s $15.


Example 2: Takes Wayne’s rescue course for $150. Submits confirmation email and gets $15 back immediately. Coordinates 4 trips and submits form. Gets $60 more back ($150/2=$75-$15 already received=$60).


Note we can still send mass emails and post on the FaceBook page.

Background: An automated system sends the next 2 weeks posted kccny.com trips to the ACA which serves as our required insurance notification.
From unofficial risk management advisor JR Ford:  “This is exactly the type of gray area where gaps exist so you need to be as explicit as possible, and really the lawyers will tell you not to post any trips on your events calendar where KCCNY isn’t running the show nor using their own waiver.”

From Kristal Pastell our Insurance Coordinator at the ACA “Unfortunately, I cannot advice you on what to put on your website, but if it is not covered by the ACA under the KCCNY I would make sure participants are aware.”

Points to consider: Should we post Wayne’s safety classes (And others run by a kccny member but not a kccny trip)?
WestFest and Deerfield Demofest camping posted.
Lehigh and Mongaup has been posted. Let’s start getting stuff on the calendar.
Mongaup: Jun 4, 19, Jul 2 (double), 17, Aug 6 (double and Deerfieldfest weekend), 21,
Sep 10, 18 (double),Oct 1(double), 16, 29(double).

EQUIPMENT  Chris Dubetsky?

TREASURER Rich. Report of finances to be presented.

CONSERVATION– Caro is leaving the USA so looking to pass the torch and run with the good work she started both in getting stuff done and updating


TRAINING – Helga again cannot attend. No reason given.

ANNUAL DINNER: Possibly move it earlier to increase likelihood of holding outside?


Diversity – possibly offer free or discounted membership.


Next meeting July Zoom or September? Can we pick a zoom date now? Perhaps 2nd Monday of odd months.