This is mainly geared toward new paddlers, but I thought it might be useful to others…
KCCNY, you already know about. Use the forum to organize trips, buy/sell gear, ask questions, post anything paddling related. If you haven’t already, please become a member so we can keep having beginner weekends, pool sessions in the winter, maintaining club loaner gear, have follow-up trips, etc. Becoming a member also unlocks some excellent additional features of the site.
AMC is the other active paddling club in the area. (Choose “N.Y. – North Jersey Chapter” in the Chapter/Posted By field and “Canoe/Kayak” in the committee field to see upcoming trips).
KCCNY blog. You’re here! Member-submitted articles and, more importantly, a place for you to post anything paddling related – words, pictures and videos. It would be awesome if someone wrote something about the beginner weekend! Look here for info on how to contribute.
American Whitewater. I highly recommend you become a member. AW fights for paddler access to rivers and maintains this website that lists every runnable river in the country, water levels, descriptions of rapids, etc. It’s an amazing resource and we should support it.
NPMB – Northeast Paddlers Message Board. Forums for paddlers in the region. A good place to discuss rivers, buy and sell used gear, keep up-to-date on any new hazards (e.g., strainers) on local rivers.
Boatertalk. Very active, but more southeast-focused message board and place to buy/sell gear.